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Pretty old cars


Pretty old cars

Bob Muir’s Jones-Eisert Racing Lola T330 HU4 at Michigan early in 1973. Copyright Mark Windecker 2004. Used with permission.

The 1973 Lola T330 built on the success of the T300 and was the car to beat in 1973. As a result of this 1973 season, none of Lola’s competitors were able to sell more than a handful of cars for 1974.

The Lola T330 was a major yet evolutionary improvement over the successful T300 featuring “a lower centre of gravity, lower cleaner shape, a more effective wing and an all-new three-quarter monocoque/tube chassis which boasts increased stiffness and strength while weighing less”.

The T330 started Lola’s total domination of F5000. Although 1973 was the formula’s most competitive season, with the Chevron B24, McRae GM1 and Trojan T101 winning races and leading championships, the T330 would emerge as the season’s top car, with Jody Scheckter abandoning his Trojan for a T330 to narrowly beat Brian Redman’s works-supported T330 in the US series. In all three major series, the T330 took 11 wins from 35 races. The other 24 fell to five manufacturers: Trojan with 8, Chevron 7, McRae 6, Elfin 2 and one for Matich. The modified version built for 1974, the T332, would win consecutive UK, US and Tasman series.

Lola used chassis numbers HU1 to HU26 for T330s but the HU13 number would not have been used. Of the 25 built, five or six were destroyed: the Penske HU5, Col Trengove’s HU7, Eddie Miller’s HU9, Tony Adamowicz’ HU10, Dick Kantrud’s HU15 and Alan Kayes’ HU17. It is possible Kantrud’s HU15 survived.

Of the 21 that should still exist, 14 have been located and resolved so far with another couple of “mystery cars” found but unresolved. At least one more, maybe three more, were wrecked later so that just leaves about three or four to find.

All and any help would be gratefully received. Please email Allen if you can add anything.

This reseach is based on the original work of Wolfgang Klopfer, and his help and boundless enthusiasm for the task are very gratefully acknowledged. Thanks also to Rob Hall, Chuck Haines, Terry Healy, Marcus Pye, Curt Bond, Mark Beasy, Shayne Windelburn, Ray Bell, Chris Townsend, Jerry Entin, Colin Pool, Tony Barry, John Hawkins, Andrew Simpson, Flavio Tullio, Lee Huls, Ron Ige, Peter Brennan and Martin Sampson for additional information. Also thanks to Roy Woods Racing and Kastner-Brophy team manager Kas Kastner. Particular thanks to three-time champion Brian Redman and to former F5000 and Can-Am drivers Gerre Payvis, Jim Hawes, Bruce Langson and James Gutfreund.

Frank Gardner giving the T330 its debut at Brands Hatch in October 1972. Copyright Lola Heritage 2007. Used with permission.

Driven by: Frank Gardner, Max Stewart, Kevin Bartlett, David Oxton, Paul Bernasconi and Ian Adams. First race: Brands Hatch (UK R14), 21 Oct 1972. Total of 50 recorded races.

Tom Belso in T330 HU2 at Snetterton in 1973. Copyright Simon Lewis 2004. Used with permission.

Horst Kroll’s unrestored Lola-Frissbee in July 2016. Copyright Lucas Scarfone 2016. Used with permission.

Invoice undated (sold to ‘Epstein’, colour ‘Yellow’). Tom Belso UK 1973 (17 races), UK 1974 (12 races), UK 1975 (9 races) – Theodore Racing UK 1976: for Alan Jones (2 early races only, won at Brands Hatch 19 Apr 1976); Theodore Racing US series: for Bruce Allison (R1 only) and as spare for Jones – Horst Kroll m >Kelly in Can-Am 1978 (6 races); then raced by Kroll in Can-Am 1978 (2 races); Can-Am 1979 (8 races); Can-Am 1980 (6 races); Can-Am 1981 (7 races); Can-Am 1982 (probably 8 races). Then rebodied with Frissbee bodywork as Kroll’s “Frissbee KR3”: raced by Kroll in Can-Am 1983 (6 races); Can-Am 1984 (10 races); Can-Am 1985 (6 races, 1 win at Mosport 2 Jun 1985); Can-Am 1986 (4 races, 1 win at Mosport 1 Jun 1986 and WON CAN-AM CHAMPIONSHIP). Probably used in 1987 CAT series (used by Kroll in at least 60 races). In total, 107 races: 38 with Belso, 2 with Jones, 1 with Allison, 60 with Kroll and 6 with Kelly.

Horst Kroll retained this car for many years, still in its championship-winning Frissbee configuration. He brought the car out for a VARAC event in June 2007. Sold to Ali Jalali (Mississauga, Ontario) some time around 2010, and remains preserved as Kroll last raced it. In July 2016, Kroll was interviewed by Lucas Scarfone, and pictured with the car in Jalali’s garage. Kroll died in October 2017. The Frissbee-Lola was still owned by Jalali in December 2017.

Driven by: Tom Belsø, Alan Jones, Bruce Allison, Horst Kroll and Howard Kelly. First race: Brands Hatch (UK R1), 17 Mar 1973. Total of 111 recorded races.

Invoice date 26 Jan 1973 (sold to ‘Haas/Kwech’, colour ‘Blue’). Horst Kwech (Gurnee, IL) raced a T300 in 1972 but there’s no sign of him driving a T330. Hu3 was bought direct from Haas by Jim Gutfreund (Des Moines, Iowa) First seen in Autoweek 23 Jun 1973 advertised as “immediate delivery brand new T330 . Great Plains Motor Racing”. Raced by Gutfreund at R7 Elkhart Lake (Road America) in 1973 but then crashed at Road Atlanta and rebuilt on a new tub over the winter. Raced again by Gutfreund at Elkhart Lake July 1974. Gutfreund advertised the T330 (“lowest time 330 in US”) in Autoweek 1 Feb 1975. Sold to Bob Earl (Orinda, California) and first raced at Road Atlanta (R6) 1975 (then a National at Sears Point prior to the last three ‘Pro’ races) but had been bought by Earl the previous winter (Formula Mar 1976 p10). Appeared once in 1976 (#19) at Rivers >Zillig Can-Am 1978 (4 races, debut Watkins Glen 9 July 1978). Subsequent history unknown.

Driven by: James Gutfreund, Bob Earl and Dwight Zillig. First race: Road America (US R6), 29 Jul 1973. Total of 12 recorded races.

Damien Magee’s Lola T330 HU4 in the paddock at Brands in 1974. Copyright Simon Lewis 2004. Used with permission.

Invoice date 15 Jan 1973 (sold to ‘Haas/K.Eisle’, colour ‘Red’). Gary Campbell Tasman 1973: debut at Surfers Paradise Feb 1973 and then crashed badly in practice at Warwick Farm. Not seen again (DNA at Sandown Park and Adela >Muir (Australia), repaired and taken to US for R1 Rivers >Regazzoni at Seattle. Jones-Eisert Racing for Regazzoni UK 1973 (last race only) – AW Brown December 1973: for Damien Magee (UK) 1974. “Team disbanded” June 1974 and car advertised by A. W. Brown Racing – Martin Birrane (Adlards-Crowne Racing) June 1974. Retained by Adlards but unused in 1974 and 1975. Then, together with the Brabham BT43, passes to Chuck Jones (California). Advertised by Chuck Jones (“ex-Muir, ex-Regazzoni”) Autoweek 20 Mar 1976.

Subsequent history unknown but bought from US by Martin Birrane in 1990. Retained to 2001 and featured in Motor Sport track test May 2001. Raced by David Kennedy in the FORCE Historic F5000 race at Mondello Park in May 2001. Kennedy also drove Birrane’s T330 at Mondello Park in May 2008, to celebrate the circuit’s 40th anniversary. The car was on display in the Mondello Park Museum of Motorsport in December 2009. Still in the museum in June 2017.

Driven by: Gary Campbell, Bob Muir, Gianclaudio “Clay” Regazzoni and Damien Magee. First race: Surfers Paradise (Tasman R5), 4 Feb 1973. Total of 16 recorded races.

Invoice date 18 Jan 1973 (sold to ‘Haas/Penske’, colour ‘Blue’). Penske for Donohue (US) 1973. Presumably the one destroyed in a fire.

Brendan McInerny in Lola T330 HU6 at Brands Hatch in October 1973. Copyright Simon Lewis 2004. Used with permission.

Tony Trimmer in the rebuilt Lola T330/T332 at Castle Combe in August 1988. Copyright Simon Lewis 2010. Used with permission.

Invoice date 29 Jan 1973 (sold to ‘Haas/Hyams’, colour ‘Orange’). Colin Hyams (Australia, but raced in UK) 1973 – Trevor Twaites June 1973: UK 1973, UK 1974 and UK 1975: raced also by Brendan McInerny UK 1973 and UK 1974 . John Jordan (UK): raced by Tom Belso in 1977; raced by Jordan in libre in 1978. Entered by Jordan for Dave Williams in libre racing 1983 (e.g. won his first race in the car at BRSCC Castle Combe 30 May 1983, retired at BRSCC Mallory Park 19 Jul 1983); for Tony Trimmer in the BRSCC Libre Championship from 1984 to 1989, winning the championship in 1986 and finishing second in 1987 and in 1988. Raced in occasional libre races through 1990’s until engine failure at Snetterton in 1997. At some point between 1985 and August 1988, the T330 was dismantled and parts used by Dave Finnigan (Biggleswade, UK) to construct T332 “HU42” for Jordan team. Original HU6 chassis remained with Finnigan until early 2000 when sold to Richard Lines (UK). To Kevan McLurg (UK) for customer Dec 2005. NB. Meanwhile “HU42” was raced in FORCE Historic F5000 series in 2000 and 2001 by expatriate Irishman Frank Lyons (Felsted, Essex).

The rebuild of HU6 was completed by McLurg by 2009 and a complete car built up by John Crawford’s Motorsport Solutions NZ Ltd by July 2009 at which time it was owned by Lindsay Willis of Wilco Racing (Rotorua, NZ). Raced by his son Brett Willis (Rotorua, NZ) in the F5000 Tasman Revival series every season from 2010/11 to 2017/18.

Driven by: Colin Hyams, Trevor Twaites, Brendan McInerney, Tom Belsø, John Jordan, David G Williams and Tony Trimmer. First race: Mallory Park (UK R2), 1 Apr 1973. Total of 64 recorded races.

Jim Hawes in his ex-Adamowicz T330 at Road America 1974. Copyright Ted Walker (Ferret Fotographics) 2001. Used with permission.

Invoice date 29 Jan 1973 (sold to ‘Haas/C.Riley’, colour ‘Black’). Originally for Kevin Bartlett (US) 1973 but hardly used (only in practice at R4 M >Adamowicz (US) 1973 to replace car wrecked in practice at Watkins Glen. Crashed at R7 Road Atlanta and rebuilt on new tub for R8 Pocono. Sold in the Kent (Seattle) pit lane with a broken engine to Jim Hawes (Carlsbad, California): US 1974 (5 races). At the end of the the season, sold to Mike Hall (an Australian but res >Muir in the Australian rounds of the 1975 Tasman series (car appeared entered by Peter Clarke Racing on entry lists). Crashed by Muir a few days before the opening race (Oran Park, 2 Feb 1975) and d >Hook (Aus) and rebuilt on T332 tub (tub ‘071-084’ built by Ed Polley): entered by Peter Clarke Racing and raced by Hook in Gold Star 1975 (from Oran Park 27 Apr 1975); entered by Max Stewart Racing and raced by Hook Tasman 1976, Gold Star 1976, Australian Internationals 1977; entered and raced by Terry Hook Gold Star 1977 (then replaced with ex-Graeme Lawrence T332 HU28). Then for Col Trengove (Aus) 1978 (still owned by Hook?): raced in Gold Star 1978, Australian Internationals 1979, Gold Star 1979 (one race, DNQ), Australian GP only in 1980, entered for 1981 races but no results known. Trengove was killed driving the car in private practice at Adelaide International Raceway 28 Apr 1981. The car was effectively destroyed in the accident. ORC has been asked to keep the location of the remains confidential.

Driven by: Kevin Bartlett, Tony Adamowicz, James Hawes, Terry Hook and Colin Trengove. First race: Watkins Glen (US R5), 17 Jun 1973. Total of 29 recorded races.

Haas Racing’s Jim-Hall-modified T330 HU8, here driven by Derek Bell at R3 Michigan 1973. Copyright Mark Windecker 2004. Used with permission.

Invoice date 31 Jan 1973 (sold to ‘Haas Racing/Hall’, colour ‘Red’), so this would be the T330 developed by Jim Hall and raced by Brian Brian Redman for the Haas/Hall team in the 1973 US series. Redman raced this at the opening race, preferring it to the works-modified car, and it was then raced by Kevin Bartlett at Laguna Seca and by Derek Bell at Michigan. It was Redman’s T-car at the next two events, but Redman then preferred it at Road America. By this time the car had repositioned radiators and a larger rear wing. These Hall modifications were then transposed onto the sister car with its works-modified suspension, and Redman drove that car for the rest of the season.

The SCCA Log Book (19-845) shows that it next raced at a SCCA meeting at Rivers >Harley signs, and finally at R5 Ontario, R6 Laguna and R7 Riverside where the signature appears to be a “Jim Rury”. The log book can’t tell us whether this was Harley’s race car or a spare to the T332 HU33 that his team also owned but it seems odd that a minor team such as Rogers Racing would haul a spare to each race. The absence of R1 Mid-Ohio suggests that Harley raced HU33 at Mid-Ohio and then switched to the T330, with the T332 reportedly having gone to Haas as a spare for Redman.

Bought from Richard Rogers by Ken Smith (Auckland, New Zealand) for the 1974/75 New Zealand season, then the New Zealand and Australian Internationals 1976, and raced at Calder March 1977. To Chris Milton (South Australia), who raced it from Sep 1977 to Sep 1978. To John Blanden at the end of 1978, and driven for him by Rob Butcher (South Australia) from Feb 1979 to Mar 1982. To Bib Stillwell March 1988; raced at Albert Park Feb 1993, Philip Island Mar 1993; advertised Sep 1993. To Noel Robson (Melbourne, Australia) 1993, and raced for many years in Australian historic racing, notably at Historic Sandown, the Phillip Island Classic, and the 2009 Australian Grand Prix support race. Raced by Andrew Robson at the Phillip Island Classic in March 2016, and at VHRR Historic Sandown in November 2016.

Driven by: Brian Redman, Kevin Bartlett, Derek Bell, Larry Harley, Ken Smith, Chris Milton and Rob Butcher. First race: Riverside (US R1), 29 Apr 1973. Total of 46 recorded races.

Eddie Miller in his ex-Adamowicz T330 HU9 at Michigan early in 1973. Copyright Mark Windecker 2004. Used with permission.

Invoice date 6 Feb 1973 (sold to ‘Haas/Woods’, colour ‘Black’). Roy Woods Racing (Northr >Adamowicz US 1973. This car, still in its crate, sold to Eddie Miller to replace his T300 wrecked in the first round of the 1973 series. Miller crashed at Seattle 30 Sep 1973 and the wreck was sold to Fred Ige (Los Angeles, CA) and his partner as a pattern for a proposed new F5000 car. The surviving parts were sold off piecemeal and the surviving metal from the tub sold for scrap. The only remnant is the chassis plate which is now in the hands of Ige’s son Ron.

Driven by: Eddie Miller. First race: Laguna Seca (US R2), 6 May 1973. Total of 6 recorded races.

Tony Adamowicz in his oft-crashed T330 HU10 at R3 Michigan in 1973. Copyright Mark Windecker 2004. Used with permission.

Invoice date 6 Feb 1973 (sold to ‘Haas/Woods’, colour ‘Black’). Roy Woods Racing (Northr >Adamowicz US 1973. Crashed at R2 Laguna Seca but rebuilt. Completely wrecked in practice at R5 Watkins Glen when an axle broke and replaced by Bartlett’s new HU7.

Driven by: Tony Adamowicz. First race: Riverside (US R1), 29 Apr 1973. Total of 4 recorded races.

Eppie Wietzes in HU11 at Mid-Ohio in 1973. Copyright Terry Capps 2013. Used with permission.

Invoice date 14 Feb 1973 (sold to ‘Formula Racing’, colour ‘Blue’). Eppie Wietzes US 1973 (all 9 races) and crashed badly at last race. To Dan Gardner (and Tom Gloy) and rebuilt during much of 1974. US 1975 (raced by Gardner at R3 Watkins Glen, R4 Road America, R5 Mid Ohio 9 Aug 1975 only). Last seen early 1976 advert in Formula (which stated it had a new tub in January 1975). Subsequent history unknown but possibly the car advertised in Can-Am spec by Fantasy Junction (Berkeley, CA) in October 1980.

Driven by: Eppie Wietzes and Dan Gardner. First race: Riverside (US R1), 29 Apr 1973. Total of 12 recorded races.

Brett Lunger racing T330 HU12 at the 1973 Race of Champions before it set off for the US series. Copyright Rob Ryder 2001. Used with permission.

Invoice date 26 Feb 1973 (sold to ‘Haas/Hogan’, colour ‘Blue’). Hogan Racing (St Louis, MO) for Brett Lunger UK early 1973 and US 1973 (crashed badly at R4 Mid-Ohio and replaced by “a new car”, presumably a new tub so HU12-2); confirmed as the spare T330 in the Hogan transporter at the early 1974 US races and at Pocono 1975. Used by Hobbs at Long Beach 1975 updated to T332 spec. Possibly the “T332” advertised by Hogan in Autoweek 28 Feb 1976. If Hogan bought a T332C in 1976, then the 18 Sep 1976 advert is likely to refer to T332 HU30. However, HU12 might have remained as a spare car to the T332 in 1976, 1977 and even early 1978. Subsequent history unknown.

Sold at some point by Richard Pica (Melbourne, FL) to Chuck Haines (St Louis, MO). Rebuilt with a new (or restored) Tom Fredericks T332 tub but retaining HU12 plate and sold to Stan Redmond (Christchurch, NZ) [date unknown]. Subsequently sold by Redmond to Abba Kogan 2001. To Frank Lyons (Felsted, Essex) 2005, rebuilt by Simon Dockrey and raced at Donington Park April 2006. Raced by Judy Lyons at Hampton Downs in Jan 2012. For Judy at Thruxton April 2015.

Driven by: Brett Lunger, David Hobbs and Johnny Rutherford. First race: Brands Hatch (UK R1), 17 Mar 1973. Total of 18 recorded races.

The works-modified #65 Lola T330 HU14 at Mid-Ohio in 1973. Copyright Mark Windecker 2004. Used with permission.

Another shot of the works-modified #65 Lola T330 HU14 during the race at Mid-Ohio in 1973. Copyright Terry Capps 2013. Used with permission.

Invoice date 26 Feb 1973 (sold to ‘Haas Racing’, colour ‘Crimson’), so this must be the “maroon” T330 with factory-modified w >Redman for the Haas/Hall team in the 1973 US series. Redman preferred Hall’s conventional car at the opening race, and this modified car next seen at Mid-Ohio, where Redman preferred it. Redman also preferred it at Watkins Glen, but after racing the Hall car at Road America, the Hall refinements to bodywork, radiator and rear wing were all transposed onto the works-developed car in time for Road Atlanta, after which Redman raced it everywhere.

Sold to Jerry Hansen (Wayzata, MN) October 1973: raced at SCCA Runoffs 1973 (Won); also for 1974, 1975 (winning both years’ June Sprints). Also won Runoffs 1973-1976 inclusive. To Glenn Brown (Kent, WA) early 1976 (won a SCCA National at Kent (Seattle) 11 Jul 1976 and later advertised by Brown in Autoweek 7 Aug 1976). To Jerry Hansen again and used until Sep 1977 at least. Subsequent history unknown until bought from the late Ed Hemmings (Charleston, NC) by George Hurd (Bethlehem, PA) and used by Brian Redman in vintage racing in US: e.g. at HSR M >Steinemann (Jacksonville, FL). Seen on display at the WeatherTech International Challenge at Road America in July 2018.

Driven by: Brian Redman, Jerry Hansen and Glenn Brown. First race: Mid-Ohio (US R4), 3 Jun 1973. Total of 13 recorded races.

David Hobbs’ T330 HU15 at Mid-Ohio in 1973. Copyright Terry Capps 2013. Used with permission.

Bob Lazier in the Gordy Oftedahl Lola T330/332 at Mid-Ohio in early August 1976. Copyright R. Allen Olmstead 2011. Used with permission.

Invoice date 26 Feb 1973 (sold to ‘Haas/Hogan’, colour ‘Blue’). Hogan Racing (St Louis, Missouri) for Dav >Hobbs UK early 1973 and US 1973. Retained for 1974 by Hogan Racing but based in UK for Hobbs to drive when available. Also raced by Derek Bell who won pole at Thruxton, by Leer Verhoeven , and by Dav >Morgan who won pole at Mallory Park in July but then crashed it at Thruxton and kinked the tub. Advertised by Hogan in Autosport 26 Sep 1974 and then in Autoweek 4 Jan 1975.

Raced by BIR co-owner Dick Kantrud (Waterton, MN) in 1975, but the car was entered by, and possibly owned by, Gordy Oftedahl , whose Oftedahl Racing operation was then based in Osseo, Minnesota, northwest of Minneapolis. Kantrud raced the car at Laguna Seca and Rivers >Fautch (Bloomington, MN) at Brainerd in May, and by Bob Lazier (Vail, CO) in the Pro races at Mosport in June and Road America in July. Kantrud drove it in the Pro race at Road America in August but crashed the car and ‘totalled’ it. Lazier raced a #12 T332 at Riverside in October 1976, presumably a different car.

Driven by: David Hobbs, Derek Bell, Leen Verhoeven, David Morgan, Dick Kantrud, Gary Fautch and Bob Lazier. First race: Brands Hatch (UK R1), 17 Mar 1973. Total of 33 recorded races.

Guy Edwards in T330 HU16 at the 1973 Race of Champions. Copyright Rob Ryder 2001. Used with permission.

Mark Rose in his modified Lola Can-Am car at Green Valley Raceway in October 1984. Copyright Tom Margie 2016. Used with permission.

Invoice date 20 Feb 1973 (sold to ‘Butterworth’, colour ‘Bl/Wh’). Entered by John Butterworth for Guy Edwards to race in the 1973 UK series in Barclays livery. Edwards won at Zandvoort and at Brands Hatch at the end of the season. Sold to Nick Wattiez and raced extensively in F5000 and in libre racing in 1974. To Chris Oates (Notts) for 1975, and entered for Leen Verhoeven in the British F5000 series up to May 1975. Oats then took the car to the US where it was driven by Brett Lunger at Long Beach (DNS) and by Gus Hutchison (Dallas, TX) at Laguna Seca and Riverside.

Remained with Hutchison until 1979, when, according to Doug Waters, it was sold to TART and Mark Rose (then Dallas, TX). Rose’s name first appears when he was mentioned in the 1980 Road America Can-Am program where he was referred to as a newcomer running a Lola T332 in SCCA club racing. Waters noted that the car was modified in 1980 with a home-made body copied from the Prophet, but the Prophet-style nose was later replaced with a Frissbee nose. Rose used this car in SWDiv ASR racing in 1980 and 1981, when he appeared in the Southwest Division A Sports Racing (ASR) points table, scoring 12 points. In June 1982, he advertised a “Lola T-332 disassembled, new chassis, Prophet bodywork and engines available, blueprints for assembly … “. The new chassis and disassembled state suggest his 1981 car had been crashed, but two people noted the chassis number “T330 #16″on Rose’s car in 1984

Rose raced in three Can-Am races during 1984: Dallas in July, Road Atlanta in August, and Green Valley in October, when his car was red, white and blue bodywork, resembling the Texas flag. He also qualified for the Runoffs in a “Texas American Racing Team Lola T332”. Rose also raced it at Lime Rock in July 1985, when the car had all white bodywork, still with the side radiator arrangement.

Mark Rose and TART are reported to have sold two cars, so it is unclear whether this T330 HU16 is ‘the Rose-Catell car’, bought as a basket case from Mark Rose by Scott Catell, or ‘the TART-Langson car’, a Frissbee-bodied car bought from TART about 1985.

Driven by: Guy Edwards, Nick Wattiez, Leen Verhoeven, Brett Lunger, Gus Hutchison and Mark Rose. First race: Brands Hatch (UK R1), 17 Mar 1973. Total of 43 recorded races.

Ian Ashley’s T330 HU17 at Mallory Park in 1974. Copyright Stuart Dent 2006. Used with permission.

Invoice date 12 Mar 1973 (sold to ‘Henley Forklift’, colour ‘White’). Ian Ashley (UK) 1973; Shellsport Luxembourg for Ian Ashley (UK) 1974; Shellsport Luxembourg for Tony Trimmer (UK) 1974; Richard Oaten for Ian Ashley (UK) 1975 as spare for T400; Richard Oaten for Dav >Purley Australian Internationals 1976 (crashed badly at Adela >Ward : rebuilt and raced by Alan Kayes (UK) 1976 (Snetterton August 1976) and 1977, but crashed at Thruxton in Jujne 1977 and destroyed. According to Tony Barry, the useable bits were sold off and the mangled tub thrown away. Replaced by the ex-Holland T400.

Driven by: Ian Ashley, Tony Trimmer, David Purley and Allan Kayes. First race: Brands Hatch (UK R1), 17 Mar 1973. Total of 51 recorded races.

Lella Lombardi in T330 HU18 at the 1974 Brands Hatch Race of Champions. Copyright Simon Lewis 2004. Used with permission.

Peter Brennan’s restored HU18 at its first outing in November 2014. Copyright Peter Brennan 2014. Used with permission.

Invoice date 12 Mar 1973 (sold to ‘Epstein’, colour ‘Yellow’). Jackie Epstein’s Shellsport Luxembourg (UK) 1973: driven by for Gijs van Lennep , Tony Trimmer , Clive Santo and Ray Allen ; Shellsport Luxembourg (UK) 1974: driven by Lella Lombardi ; Shellsport Luxembourg (UK) 1975: driven by John Turner (Stalbr >Holland and Richard Scott (R15 Mallory Park 12 Oct only). Turner finished fifth in final race but the car does not appear again. Turner cannot remember where the car went but is pretty confident that it went to the US where someone was planning to use it in Can-Am.

The next steps in the car’s history are still unclear but in 1977, HU18 was bought by Allen Karlberg (Portland, OR) for Jim Burnett to race. Karlberg cannot remember who he bought the car from. It did not race and was damaged in a fire when the right front of the monocoque was melted away. It would not have been economic to repair at that time so spent the next 36 years sitting in storage. Unlikely though this story sounds, there are a number of features on the car that suggest that this is indeed HU18.

In February 2013, Karlberg sold it to Peter Brennan (Surrey Hills, Victoria, Australia) and the car was shipped to Australia, arriving at Brennan’s garage in August. Restored over the next year, and had its first outing in November 2014. Raced by Brennan at the Phillip Island Classic in March 2016, and at events in New Zealand in January 2017.

Driven by: Gijs van Lennep, Tony Trimmer, Clive Santo, Ray Allen, Lella Lombardi, John Turner, Keith Holland and Richard Scott. First race: Brands Hatch (UK R1), 17 Mar 1973. Total of 41 recorded races.

Mark Donohue in his first race in the AMC-powered, Penske-owned T330 HU19 at Mid-Ohio 1973. Copyright Terry Capps 2013. Used with permission.

Invoice date 21 Mar 1973 (sold to ‘Haas/Penske’, colour ‘Blue’). Penske for Mark Donohue (US) 1973. The second Penske AMC-powered car that appeared from June 1973 (debut at R4 M >Knab (Dayton, Ohio) for 1974 but not raced (M >Furey still with AMC engine in late 1974 (starting Laguna Seca R6) and again in 1975. Entered by Gerre Payvis (Peoria, AZ) with AMC in F5000 1976 and later used in Can-Am 1979. Payvis rebodied two of his Lolas with Frissbee bodywork for 1984, and this car is believed to be the backup car for Drake Olson in Can-Am that season.

The car has been retained by Payvis, and in 2006 was reported as being prepared for vintage racing.

Driven by: Mark Donohue, Dan Furey, Gerre Payvis, John Cannon, Steve “Yogi” Behr and Drake Olson. First race: Mid-Ohio (US R4), 3 Jun 1973. Total of 17 recorded races.

Bob Lazier racing T330 HU20 first time out at Michigan 1973. Copyright Mark Windecker 2004. Used with permission.

Lee Huls’ Lola T330 at La Junta in June 2002. Copyright Lee Huls 2004. Used with permission.

Invoice date 28 Mar 1973 (sold to ‘Haas/Heinz’, colour ‘Yellow’). An article in Autoweek 14 Apr 1973 sa >Lazier US 1973 from R3 Michigan 20 May onwards. Run for Lazier by Wilbur Bunce (Formula Jan 1977 p19). Used by Jody Scheckter to win Watkins Glen round. Advertised by Lazier (then Torrance, CA) in Autoweek 8 Dec 1973.

Believed to have been bought from Lazier in 1974 by Arlon J Koops (Denver, CO). Raced by Koops in the US series in 1974 (three races) and 1975 (six races). This car was observed by Tom Erwin to have a ‘OU-812’ chassis plate at Pocono 1975. Retained for US 1976 (four races). Entered by Koops in the Trois Rivieres Can-Am race in 1977 and almost certainly his ‘Blitzen S100’ entered later that season. Sold in 1982 to Lee Huls (Englewood, CO): ran once as a F5000 at Pueblo Motorsports Park and then converted to Can-Am using a body bought from Larry Johnson. Run through the 1983 and 1984 seasons, qualifying for the 1984 Runoffs. Run once in ASR in 1985 and then converted back to F5000 for vintage racing since then. Huls still holds the Pueblo Motorsports Park ASR record at 1:36.330 set in the Lola on 31 Aug 1986. Raced at the Pueblo (CO) F5000 reunion on 6 May 2001. Also run by Huls at Road America in July 2012 and at the HAWK at Road America in July 2015, and at Road America again in July 2017 and July 2018.

Driven by: Bob Lazier, Jody Scheckter, Arlon J. Koops and Lee Huls. First race: Michigan International Speedway (US R3), 20 May 1973. Total of 20 recorded races.

Clive Santo in Lola T330 HU21 in the Silverstone pitlane in 1974. Copyright Simon Lewis 2004. Used with permission.

Invoice undated (sold to ‘Epstein’, colour ‘Viking Orange’). Jackie Epstein’s Shellsport Luxembourg for Clive Santo (UK) from May 1973. Acquired by Clive Santo and raced by him in UK 1974. Acquired by Hogan Racing for Dav >Amato (Bickly, Kent) UK 1975 – Robin Smith (UK) Feb 1977: raced in UK 1977 – Jacques Marquet (Liege, Belgium) probably 1977: painted gunmetal grey and used it “for less than 2 hours in 20 years” on test days. Retained until 1999/2000 when sold to former SCCA driver and instructor Don Halliday (San Diego, CA). The car remained in the UK when it was rebuilt by Simon Hadfield (Shepshed, Leicestershire) who retained its original ‘crossover’ injection. Initially painted in ‘Mario Andretti tribute’ Viceroy colours and raced by Hadfield in the FORCE Historic F5000 series in 2001. Later reliveried back to Shellsport colours and numbered ‘208. Don Halliday died in May 2012, since when the car has been owned by wife Debby and daughter Liz, also a racing driver. In early 2015, the car was on display in the Donington Museum. Still in the museum in February 2018.

Driven by: Clive Santo, David Hobbs, Gerry Amato and Robin Smith. First race: Mallory Park (UK R7), 28 May 1973. Total of 28 recorded races.

Stan Redmond’s Lola T330/T332 at the Classic Speed Fest at Teretonga Raceway on 12/13 Feb 2005. Copyright Kevin Thomson 2005. Used with permission.

Invoice date 6 Jul 1973 (sold to ‘Haas/Bartlett’, colour ‘Red’). Kevin Bartlett (Aus) 1973. The second car, invoiced about three weeks after Bartlett had sold HU7 to Adamowicz. Wore the chassis plate from Bartlett’s T300 HU16. First raced in Australia Sep 1973; Tasman 1974 (crashed in practice at Pukekohe and effectively written off, Bartlett badly injured); both repaired (T330 rebuilt on T332 tub and called T332 HU22 thereafter) for Gold Star from August 1974 . “borrowed back from new owner” for last two races of Tasman 1975 after new T400 flopped – Bruce Allison March 1975: Gold Star 1975 New Zealand and Australian Internationals 1976, crashed and heavily damaged at Oran Park 1 Feb; “rebuilt with new tub flown from England” (Surfer Paradise program p9) in time for Sandown Park 15 Feb; Gold Star 1976.

Sold by Allison to Martin Sampson of Magnum Wheels, and raced for him by Kevin Bartlett in the 1977 Australian Internationals 1977, by Alan Jones at Surfers after he wrecked his regular T332C HU61, then by Johnnie Walker in September 1977, and in Australia in 1978 and 1979. After Walker won the 1979 Gold Star, Sampson retired the car, and it was displayed at the Birdwood Museum until 1987, when Sampson was talked into selling it to Bob Minogue (Aus).

Raced for Minogue by Barry Ward at Amaroo Park and Sandown historic race meetings in 1987. Sold to Paul Cromarty (Aus) and raced in club libre events in Victoria, and then in historic F5000 up to 1994. Sold to Adrian Whapham (NZ) in 1994 or 1995 and raced in historics in New Zealand – Stan Redmond (Christchurch, NZ) by 2001 (still wearing the HU16 chassis plate). To Peter Sundberg (Auckland, New Zealand), an ex-pat Swede, in 2009, and raced by him in the Tasman F5000 Revival series in 2010/11 and 2012/13. Then unseen until bought by Dav >Banks (Auckland, New Zealand) and raced by him in the 2017/18 Tasman Revival series.

Note that Max Floreani (Victoria, Aus) has a T332 chassis that is believed to be one of the original crashed tubs, most likely the second chassis. This tub was purchased as a spare tub by Noel Robson when he bought T330 HU8 from Bib Stillwell. It was being built up by Floreani during 2001. Also note that the original chassis plate from T330 HU22 is being used as the basis of a completely new T332 being built in Australia in 2017.

The real T330/T332 HU22, wearing a chassis plate ‘HU16’ similar to the one it wore in 1973, is still in New Zealand. Raced in Banks at VHRR Phillip Island Classic 11 March 2018.

Driven by: Kevin Bartlett, Bruce Allison, Alan Jones and Johnnie Walker. First race: Surfers Paradise (AGS R1), 2 Sep 1973. Total of 42 recorded races.

Invoice date 24 Jul 1973 (sold to ‘Haas’, colour ‘Viking Orange’). John Walker (Aus) and fitted with a Repco Holden V8. Raced in the Australian Gold Star 1973 (debut Adelaide 7 Oct 1973) and the 1974 Tasman series but severely damaged at Surfers Paradise 1 Sep 1974. This car then, in effect, divided: the original chassis being put aside and later rebuilt (see HU23(A) below) and a new T332 rolling chassis being bought and taking over the HU23 chassis plate (see HU23(B) below).

Driven by: Johnnie Walker. First race: Adelaide International (AGS R2), 7 Oct 1973. Total of 14 recorded races.

Bob Beasy’s Lola T330 in 2003. Copyright Mark Beasy 2016. Used with permission.

The original T330 tub was retained by John Walker and partially rebuilt. Later sold “in bits” to Paul Cromarty early 1988 but unused. Sold to Noel Robson 1990 – Russell Spokes 1993 – Brian Beasy (Lilydale, Victoria, Australia) 1995, and retained until his death in June 2013. Stored by his son Mark Beasy, but in 2016, Mark was working on the remaining parts needed to complete the car. Still with Mark Beasy in April 2016.

Neil Glover’s Lola T330 was at Silverstone in October 2014 as an unused spare car/. Copyright Allen Brown 2014. Used with permission.

Built/rebuilt on new T332 tub or T332 rolling chassis, and fitted with the rear end from the original HU23, including the Repco Holden V8 engine. Raced by John Walker in the 1975 Tasman series but severely damaged again at Sandown Park and rebuilt with a new Lola-supplied tub again. Then raced in the 1976 Australian Internationals and at later races at Calder and Wanneroo Park in March 1976. Sold to Peter Edwards and raced in the 1977 Australian Internationals, the 1977 Gold Star, 1978 Australian Internationals, 1978 Gold Star, 1979 Australian Internationals, 1979 Gold Star, 1980 Gold Star ,1980 Australian Grand Prix, and the 1981-82 Arco Graphic series. It was at the last Australian F5000 race in March 1982.

Sold to Bernie Van Elsen 1982 and stripped and used by K & A Engineering to build the “Veskanda” sports car. The T332 tub was not used and remained at K&A until bought by Peter Bick 1986. Then to John Maher and then to Gary Dickenson (Eltham, Victoria, Australia) about 1987. Restored by Dickenson and sold via Terry Healy (Bowen Hills, Queensland) to Rick and Rob Hall of Hall & Hall (Bourne, Lincolnshire) in England in 2001. Sold to Mike Wrigley (Ashbourne, Derbyshire) and raced in FORCE Historic F5000 series in 2001 and 2002. To Neil Glover (Ansty, West Sussex) March 2007 and raced in the HSCC Derek Bell Trophy 2008, the Phillip Island Classic in Australia March 2010 and the Australian Grand Prix support race March 2010. Raced in HSCC races at Oulton Park June 2011 and Brands Hatch July 2011. Glover won the Derek Bell Trophy in this car in 2013. Present at the Silverstone HSCC Finals in October 2014 as a backup for his newly-acquired Chevron B37. Loaned to Mark Dwyer for the New Zealand Tasman Revival series in 2017. Still in Glover’s stable in March 2018.

Driven by: Johnnie Walker and Peter Edwards. First race: Levin (Tasman R1), 5 Jan 1975. Total of 38 recorded races.

Flavio Tullio’s Lola T330, still in Can-Am spec and carrying Mike Yancheck’s name on the cockpit. Copyright Matteo Maria Tullio 2016. Used with permission.

Invoice date 13 Aug 1973 (sold to ‘S >Scheckter (US) late 1973 bought by Scheckter with his race winnings as an alternative to his Trojan T101, and used to win the 1973 US Championship. With Jerry Entin 1973 and to at least August 1974. Leased to Nestor Garcia Veiga late 1974 (3 races). Sold to John Korn (Novato, CA): driven in US 1975 (first reported race Riverside National 17 Feb 1975 – Formula Mar 1975 p28). Advertised by Korn in Autoweek 8 Nov 1975 and 21 Feb 1976. Korn bought a T332C in September 1976.

Advertised by Lance Nist (Santa Ana, CA) in August 1976. Oddly, Entin (Palm Springs, California) advertised a T330 “in as new condition” in Autoweek 23 May and 30 May 1976 – could he have been advertising it on Korn’s behalf? Sold by Korn in late 1976 to Doug Correa (Newport Beach, CA) and rebuilt for Cal Club FA events in 1977. Raced in SCCA National FA events in 1978, winning the Texas World Speedway “Super-National” on 29 Apr 1978, and appeared in Runoffs that season. Sold to Gerre Payvis (Peoria, AZ) in August 1980 for Can-Am but only used as a back-up car. The original SCCA log book still with the car shows the changes of ownership from Korn to Correa to Payvis.

Then to Mark Bailey (Redondo Beach, CA) March 1986: CAT series 1987 (1 race only: R1 Willow Springs 3 May 1987). Sold to Rick McLean (Oceans >Yancheck (Romulus, Michigan) August 1990. Fully restored but still in Can-Am specification, and won its >Bennett of RM Motorsport (Wixom, Michigan) around 2000, and sold via Bennett to Flavio Tullio (Padova, Italy) in August 2004.

Tullio has the original 1973 SCCA Log Book with this car, as well as bills of sale and correspondence documenting its later changes of ownership, right through until it was imported into Italy. The roll hoop of the car is stamped with the same number as the log book, as was standard SCCA practice, and it still has its chassis plate. The author has seen this documentation, and believes it to be all completely genuine.

Please note that there is a car in Australia in 2018 that has been claimed to be T330 HU24. This car’s claim rests largely on its connection to a set of bodywork once used by Doug Correa. The SCCA number stamped on the rollhoop is not that of a 1973 Lola T330.

Retained by Flavio and Matteo Tullio in December 2018. See also the full history of Lola T330 HU24.

Driven by: Jody Scheckter, Nestor Garcia Veiga, John Korn, Doug Correa and Mark Bailey. First race: Pocono Int. Raceway (road course) (US R8), 3 Sep 1973. Total of 20 recorded races.

Invoice date 7 Sep 1973 (sold to ‘Haas’, colour ‘Red’). Unknown . Possibly the Settember car (see ‘The 1974 mystery cars’ below). Possibly the “brand new still in crate” T330 advertised by Chuck Jones Racing (Costa Mesa, CA) in Formula Magazine Vol 1 No 6, Mar/Apr 1974.

John Benton in his Formula-liveried Lola T330 at Mid-Ohio in 1976. Copyright Richard Deming 2016. Used with permission.

NO SUCH CAR IN LOLA INVOICE RECORDS. This number has been used in connection with a spare Evan Noyes T332. Also sa >Adamowicz during 1973. First raced by John Benton (Santa Ana, California) at R1 Mid-Ohio 2 Jun 1974. Used throughout 1974 (#22), 1975 (#22) and 1976 (#22). Prepared by Jack Hoare. Advertised in Formula June 1977 (p55), Aug 1977 (p14). Subsequent history unknown but see the SFR car below.

Driven by: John Benton. First race: Mid-Ohio (US R1), 2 Jun 1974. Total of 19 recorded races.

The 1973 mystery cars

The one mystery car in previous editions of this page is now known to be HU3.

Another mystery about 1973 is the advert in Autoweek on 17 Feb 1973, at a time when only the first ten T330s had even been built: “Lola T330 Formula 5000. Sacrifice price.”. The phone number doesn’t help, it was the Santa Ana area of Orange County, south-east of Los Angeles, where many F5000 teams were based.

The 1974 mystery cars

Just one T330 was used in the US in 1973 but unknown in 1974: the ex-Lazier HU20 which was briefly missing on its way to Koops. HU25 is also unexplained. Settember’s ‘OU-812’ may therefore be HU25 but it is unclear why it would carry a non-standard chassis plate.

Tony Settember in his T330 at Road America 1974. Copyright Ted Walker (Ferret Fotographics) 2001. Used with permission.

Dick Workman racing his Lola ‘T332’ at Westwood, quite probably at the NorPac National on 10 Aug 1975. Copyright Brent Martin ([email protected]) 2011. Used with permission.

First raced by Tony Settember (for Hone Overdrive) at Mosport Park (R2) 1974. Tom Erwin observed the chassis number of this car at Watkins Glen 1974 to say “OU-812”. Quite possibly HU25 but also possibly the original HU12. Raced by Settember throughout 1974 (#4). Advertised by Hone Overdrive (Whittier, California) in Autoweek 4 Jan 1975 (“Lola T330 as new 1974 – six Pro races only”). This suggests this is not one of the cars used in 1973 – pointing towards it being HU25 or an extensive rebuild of a crashed car – for example the original HU12 as suggested by the chassis number. The Hone Overdrive advert also says “parallel rear suspension as 332”, suggesting a late T330 or an upgraded car.

In a previous version of this page, the next owner was identified as Arlon Koops, based on Tom Erwin’s observation of the number ‘OU-812’ on the Koops car at Pocono 1975. However this number may just indicate a replacement chassis – “Oh, you ate one too” – and may not be unique. In October 1994, a previous owner of Andrew Simpson’s Lola T330 was told by Tony Settember that Settember sold his car to Dick Workman. We also now know that Koops had HU20 and got his car from Lazier. Despite the ‘OU-812’ number being on Koops car in 1975, this information from Settember is more likely to be definitive. It is not possible that Koops and Workman shared a car as they were in different places on 10 August 1975: Workman at Westwood and Koops at Mid-Ohio.

To Dick Workman (San Francisco, California): not raced in Pro series but raced at Sears Point National 6 Apr 1975, won the Willow Springs National 13 Apr 1975, second at Riverside National (date unknown – car described as T332) and third at SCCA/CASC Westwood Nationals 10 Aug 1975 (car described as Workman Motors T330/2). Workman ended the 1975 SCCA season with 30 pts, easily winning the Northern Pacific Division FA title. He had a major accident in practice at Long Beach in September 1975 (see Autosport 2 Oct 1975 p11) which left Workman in hospital with broken ribs and second degree burns. Jim Hawes has suggested that Workman had the Gardner HU11 but Workman’s first race in 1975 was before HU11 vanishes. However, it is possible that Workman bought HU11 to replace the car wrecked at Long Beach.

Raced by Workman in SCCA Nationals 1976 (6th in Northern Pacific Division with 17 pts). Sold to Bruce Langson 1977 or 1978, converted to Can-Am T333CS bodywork and used in SCCA Nationals. Stolen “in fall of 1979” and never recovered. Mentioned in 1980 Road America Can-Am program but this may have been using out-of-date material. Subsequent history unknown but possibly broken up and sold for spares.

Driven by: Tony Settember and Dick Workman. First race: Mosport Park (US R2), 15 Jun 1974. Total of 9 recorded races.

The 1975 mystery cars

All the 1975 mystery cars have now been resolved. The only T330 used in the US in 1973 or 1974 but then unknown in 1975 and 1976 is the mysterious HU25.

The F1 Register’s ‘Fact Book’ on F5000 describes Garth Pollard having a T330 at Long Beach and Laguna Seca in 1975 and again at Riverside in 1976. It appeared at #73 both years. Pollard (of Cobble Hill, BC, Canada) advertised this car in Autoweek on 29 Nov 1975 and stated that it was a T300. When he advertised it again, still in F5000 form, on 5 Mar 1977, he stated it was the ex-Hobbs T300.

The 1976 mystery cars

It is worth reviewing where all the Lola T330s had got to by the middle of 1976. Firstly, the simple ones: HU1, HU7, HU8, HU22 and HU23 (B) were in New Zealand or Australia; HU6, HU17 and HU21 were still being raced in England; and HU5, HU9, HU10 had all been destroyed.

Of the 13 or 14 T330s based in North America, HU2 was bought by Horst Kroll in Canada in mid-1976, HU3 was with Bob Earl in California, HU4 and HU11 had both been advertised earlier in 1976 but were missing thereafter, HU12 was probably still with the Hogan team, HU14 was with Glenn Brown in Washington State, HU15 was with Gordy Oftedahl’s team in Minnesota, HU16 had gone missing during 1975, HU18 was somewhere between the UK and Allen Karlberg in Oregon, HU19 was being raced by Gerre Payvis in Arizona, HU20 was with Arlon Koops in Colorado, HU24 was still owned by John Korn in northern California, HU25 remained a mystery, and HU26 was still being raced by John Benton in California.

One mystery car appears: Bob Lazier’s car at Riverside in October 1976.

Bob Lazier (Vail, CO) raced a #12 Lola T330/332 at Riverside in October 1976. He had previously raced Gordy Oftedahl’s orange T330 HU15 but Dick Kantrud had wrecked this car at Road America in August. Lazier qualified well down the grid at Riverside, 28th out of the 38 competitors, and retired from both his heat and from the final.

If Oftedahl was still involved with this entry, this might be the car that Oftedahl then had converted to Can-Am specification and entered in 1977 and 1978.

Driven by: Bob Lazier. First race: Riverside (US R7), 17 Oct 1976. Only one recorded race.

Other mystery Lolas in 1976 include the T192s of Dean Vetrock and Larry McNeil (both at Hoosier National 18-19 Sep 1976 – Formula Dec 1976 p42). McNeil ran his T192M to second place at the Runoffs (Formula Jan 1977 p37) while Vetrock’s T192 was fourth.

The 1977 mystery cars

Only a handful of T330s remained racing into 1977: Jerry Karl had a T330/T332 converted to Can-Am specification, and both Arlon Koops and Doug Correa ran their cars in SCCA Nationals. Other Lolas seen in 1977: the T192 of Leland Sheldon continued in the SCCA South Pacific Division and the three T192s of Larry McNeil , Dean Vetrock and Daniel Kampo were all at the Road America June Sprints (Formula Aug 1977 p41).

The 1978 mystery cars

Just one more Lola T330 in 1978, a car used only in SCCA Formula A events.

Stuart Forbes-Robinson bought a spare Lola T330 or T332 tub from John Benton’s operation (see T330 HU26), picking up the tub from Bill Jongbloed’s shop. As Benton had acquired the ex-Redman championship winning T332C by this time, could “Benton’s spare tub” refer to T330 HU26? SFR completed the car with “a bunch of different parts” and the engine from one of his brother’s Can-Am deals. First raced in SCCA events in 1978. Won the Formula A class at the 1978 Runoffs where it was pictured for a Champion advert in livery very close that that of John Benton’s HU26. The car was later crashed by SFR at Laguna Seca and sold, less engine, to Lance Nist. Nist reports that the tub was disassembled for the steel.

Driven by: Stuart Forbes-Robinson. First race: Road Atlanta, 29 Oct 1978. Only one recorded race.

Other mystery cars

Colin Pool in the Frissbee at Donington Park in 1987. Copyright Jeremy Jackson . Used with permission.

Colin Pool bought a “Frissbee” Can-Am from Bruce Trenery in late 1986 or early 1987 to use in Thundersports. The car turned out not to be a Frisselle car with rocker suspension and ground effect tunnels but a Lola T330 with a Frissbee body and Pool had no success with it. In fact, he hated it! He sold the car to Chuck Haines in the US around 1989. The car was advertised by Pool in Dec 1988 as “originally converted from Newman/Budweiser T333CS”. This is curious as it’s been described elsewhere as a T330 and all the Newman T333CS Lolas were turned into Spyder NF10s. However, it is possible that a Spyder got into private hands and was then converted to Frissbee form.

Driven by: Colin Pool, William Wykeham, David Leslie, Tom Dodd-Noble and Martin Birrane. First race: Brands Hatch (R2), 20 Apr 1987. Total of 10 recorded races.

Andrew Simpson’s mystery T330. Copyright Andrew Simpson 2003. Used with permission.

Brad Hoyt’s Lola ‘T330’ in December 2012. Copyright Mike Sheehan 2012. Used with permission.

A mystery car. It has been suggested that it was first owned by Dan Dierking (Glendora, CA), and that it was raced by Tony Settember, driving for “the Tony Cisert team in Costa Mesa”. Bills of sale with the car show that it was sold by Joseph Hernandez (Burbank, CA) to Frederick C. ‘Rick’ McLean in June 1983, and then to George Conway (Los Angeles, CA) in July 1984. It was later acquired by Chuck Haines (St Louis, MO), and he sold it to Mike Collins (Colorado) in 1995, who sold it to Andrew Simpson (Houston, TX) in 2001.

This car was at this stage very unusual in having aluminium bodywork and s >Monroe (Seabrook, TX), who stated on that it had been restored by RM Motorsport for Andrew Simpson, and had been run recently at TWS. By 2009, it had been sold to Don Roose (Bainbr >Hoyt (Wayzata, MN), and this would presumably be the “T332” that Hoyt raced at Road America in July 2012. The car was offered for sale by Bray Hoyt in December 2012.

Contrary to many reports, the Super Saloon “Skoda” of Mick Hill (Drayton, UK) and mechanic Charlie Harris, constructed early in 1979, used T330 suspension but not a T330 chassis. For full details of this very hairy vehicle, see Autosport 12 Apr 1979.

A huge array of sources have been used to construct these histories. Notable among these are the notebooks of Tom Erwin, kindly made available by Bill Green, and Autosport’s 1973 F5000 Review, from their 24 Jan 1974 edition.

These histories last updated on 01 Apr 2019 .


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