May 19 2020

Smart suv #Smart #suv

Smart suv


Lexus UX-250h is smart SUV


Lexus is presenting the brand new UX-250h, an all-wheel-drive hybrid that is unique in many ways, maybe that is what the U means. This is a very different and a “smart” four-wheel drive SUV. Loaded with over $7,000 worth of options added to the manufacturer’s suggested list price of $34,000.

Manufactured in Miyakawa, Fukuoka, Japan, this is a beautiful little car that takes some driving savvy and skill. The electronics are elaborate with center finger pad scroll features. Radio controls are located in the armrest console with manual volume and station dial in addition to center screen controls. A fairly complex vehicle challenges with state-of-the-art electronics and new safety features. The smartphone plugged into the outlet links into Car Play that places incoming phone calls on the center screen for hand free control.

The drive begins in silence as the green “ready” light indicates that the hybrid is ready to roll. The four-cylinder 2.L-hybrid engine is capable of producing 181 horsepower that does not need a turbo-boost for high performance. The continuous variable transmission is excellent and has the sequential shift feature to lock in lower gears for additional acceleration like entering E-470 high-speed traffic lanes.

Driving around the metro area during a snowstorm, the car had excellent traction along with heated seats, steering wheel and outside mirrors. Add in all-wheel drive and we have a very good Colorado all-weather SUV that averages 39 miles per gallon. That beats the larger SUVs by a wide margin for mileage.

This is a small vehicle and the cabin is compact with comfortable front seats, but the back seat is a tight fit for passenger leg room. The back seat has a 60/40 split and a rear power door with kick sensor. Great for deliveries and grocery sacks with easy access and push-button close.

The new bumpers host the cameras that provide for the center console screen pictures, really nice in backing up and watching for pedestrians. One problem, in snowy weather these camera portals become iced and covered with road chemicals and become plugged.

This has happened in other test cars in heavy snowstorms where these cameras fail to operate efficiently. Future engineering may develop washers for these portals.

The UX-250h is much like a jet plane with a small compact cabin, many dials and controls, and very fast. Ground features are great economy and precise braking and steering. Very close to a sport’s car drive with power, performance and overall driving experience.

An attractive car for a discriminating driver who wants performance, economy, all-weather capacity, and an excellent work car. It is not a large family type of vehicle and has limitations in rear seating and trunk space.

“Experience Amazing,” Lexus motto fits this AWD.


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